Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mystery Host Event

I decided to hold a Mystery Host Party to introduce the New Spring/Summer line!

to receive a .pdf Spring/Summer Flier - email me otherwise the products will be on my website March 1st.

Every Order between now and March 7th will earn you entries! (the more entries you have...the more chances to win!!!)

Bonus entries:
* Purchase any item from the Spring Summer Line and earn 2 entries
* Purchase the March Customer Special and earn 2 entries
* Purchase any Shea Butter Soap or Lotion and earn 2 entries
* Book a Spa Experience (CO only) and earn 5 entries
* Book a catalog show and earn 5 entries
* Purchase $50 or more and earn 10 entries!

Winner will be drawn on Sat, Mar 7th and will recieve ALL HOSTESS GIFTS!!!

To ORDER: email all orders to
browse for products at my store: (do NOT order through store for this event)
Payment can be made via PayPal or phoned-in credit card. Check pymt is available to CO residents only.

Play Bingo and Win!!!

Pick 5 items from the list below and email them to:
I will draw 3 items a day (beginning March 1st) and the first to get all 5 will win a FREE JASMINE LOTION and 1 entry into the Mystery Host Drawing!!!!

Monoi de Tahiti Tanning Oil
After Sun Cooling Body Mist
Ginger Papaya Lotion
Ginger Papaya Soap
Vanilla Black Currant Lotion
Vanilla BBlack Currant Soap
Souffle Travel Set
Shea Butter Lotion
Shea Butter Soap
Banda Beads
Rejuvenate Cream w/ Chardonnay
Peppermint Foot Salts
Passion Flower Facial Set
Raspberry Larry Kid's Wash
Merlot Lip Blush


New Spring Summer Line!!!

Monoi de Tahiti Tanning Oil-
The Polynesian secret to
beautiful hair and skin can be found in every bottle of our
Monoi de Tahiti oil. We call it a tanning oil but it’s so
much more! Add several drops to your bath and create a tropical
therapeutic soak. Use on your skin before or after
being outside for immediate skin softening and moisturizing.
Applied daily on dry tips helps to balance hair
texture. Can be used weekly as a hair mask.
# 7301 $16

After Sun Cooling Body Mist-
If you’ve ever spent too
much time in the sun, you’ll appreciate After Sun.
Combines aloe and peppermint to give you instant relief
from sunburn. Safe enough for children (it’s Daisy Blue
Naturals of course!). Also makes a fantastic cooling spray
for women suffering the effects of menopause-without
the possible side effects of medication. 100% natural.
#7302 $15

Ginger Papaya Lotion-
Ultra exotic and just as delicious
as it sounds, your skin will crave this calorie free treat!
Moisturizes immediately and conditions for hours.
#8069 $14

Ginger Papaya Soap-
Washing away dirt and grime has
never felt (or smelled!) this good. Our bar soaps replenish
skin moisture without stripping delicate oils. Loaded with
plant oils and extracts, skin looks and feels as beautiful as
it smells.
#5069 $8

Vanilla Black Currant Lotion-
Black Currant and Vanilla are both renowned for their anti-oxidant properties.
So it made sense (no pun intended) for us to create
this alluring lotion.Wear it and you’ll be instantly
noticed. Your skin will love you more as well! 100%
#8073 $14

Vanilla Black Currant Soap-
This purple bar looks pretty just sitting there. However, you’ll be missing out
on the incredible skin conditioning benefits of this
natural soap bar. Loaded with plant oils and extracts,
skin looks and feels as beautiful as it smells. 100%
#5070 $8

Soufflé Travel Set-
If you are the type of person who
consumes natural foods and avoids foods with preservatives,
then you should also apply this practice to your
body care routine.May we recommend our 100% natural
Body Soufflés? Moisturize on the go with any of 3 these
purse size Body Soufflés. Your set includes our three
most popular sellers: Orange Blossom, Key Lime and
Ginger Almond. 1 oz. tubes. 100% natural.
#9534 $10

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Wow! Has it really been a month since my last blog post????!!!
November was crazy!

...On to December! I have put together a gift giving guide to help you shop for friends and family!
All purchases in December are 10% off if emailed to me before the 10th!

Gifts $10 and under

Lip balms $4-$5
2 balms in a bag $10
Souffle travel set $10
Handcrafted soaps $6-$8 each
Shea Butter Bar & Banda Bracelet $10

Gifts $10-$20

Mineral makeup sample set $15
Bath Crystals $12-$14
Hand & Body Lotions $13-$15
Afterbath Oils $13-$15
Sleep Easy Pillow Mist $15

Gifts $20-$40

Mineral Makeup $27 each
Total Body Shimmer $27
Healthy Hands Set $31
Escape Package $39

Gifts over $40

Total Body Shimmer with Brush $45
Facial Skin Care Collections $59-$79
Peppermint Foot Spa Kit $43
Baby Gift Set $41

Happy Shopping!!!
See the flyers in this blog for pictures and descriptions!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Eco-Colors natural Hair Color

I have to share this wonderful product with you all! I found during an online search for a solution to commercial hair colors.
Of course, this isn't a 100% natural product, or it wouldn't work. However, it is a safer solution to the off-the-shelf, chemical and toxin laden hair colors. From their website:

EcoColors Haircolor has been created by a professional for professionals. With non toxic in mind and the addition of the highest quality ingredients such as lecithin, natural antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin C, nettles, rosemary, flower essence, grapefruit seed extract, EcoColors surpasses it's competitors in performance and quality with super conditioning coverage that is natural looking and shiny.

EcoColors is a unique permanent hair color available in 24 different shades that you can combine to create the exact color your client wants, it is also:

Super conditioning
Produces healthy shine results
Professional strength
Create Hi-Lights and Low-Lights
Excellent gray coverage
Natural Preservatives
No additives needed
Good for most chemically sensitive people and cancer survivors
Contains flax oil, castor oil, flower essences
Vitamin E, vitamin C and natural antioxidants
No mineral oil
No parabens
Gluten free
Sulfite free
In a gel form for easy application

EcoColors' unique formulation has been successfully used since 1991 by hair stylists all around the world!
Most people who are allergic to other hair color brands do not react to EcoColors Haircolor.

I used my hair as a guinea pig and I have to tell you, it feels fantastic! I cannot stop touching my hair. It is soft and light and feels better than it has in decades! The color is a little lighter than I expected, but is the shade I expected. The website even has a comparison chart that will help you switch while keeping your shade as close to what it was previously. I haven't decided whether to mix shades next time to create a darker color or to leave it as it is. My color looks "natural" it doesn't look like it came out of a box and I like that! A lot.
Also Eco-colors was easy to use, you don't have to be a pro to use the home hair kit. It is the same as the ones you are currently using and maybe easier. 1 bottle of color poured into one bottle of developer and apply!
So, if you can't tell be now, I am giving this hair color a very high two thumbs up!
I cannot wait to hear back from you about this hair color!
As always - if you try Eco-Colors and send me some feedback, you will receive a Daisy Blue Naturals "10% off one item" coupon. Thanks once again for taking time to read my blog and for taking an interest in creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I Share Because I Care - Grace Keohohou Conference Call

Another amazing experience! I try to attend every Grace Keohohou event I can and so should you! For those of you who don't know who she is. Grace Keohohou and Her Mother started the Direct Selling Women's Alliance. There's a link on the right hand side of my blog.

Last night's conference call was for Daisy Blue Naturals consultants and we discussed more in depth some of the topics Grace presented at our National Conference in July.

Here are some points I jotted down so I could share with you all:

1. There are 3 Types of No:
- kNOw - as in "I need to know more"
- NOt - as is "Not Now"
- NO - as in not ever

Kims Input: It is important to figure out what people are saying when they say no! It would be a shame if you assumed someone meant "not ever" when they really meant "not now" or "I need to know more". How do you do this? Ask questions! Talk to your clients and especially potential clients! We are in the business of relationship building. It is very important not to just deliver a sales pitch and then when you hear "no" move on to the next person on your list!
By asking questions and getting to really know the people you speak to - you will be able to better understand what people are telling you! Also follow up the "no's" you hear with questions like, "Okay, thanks for listening to me, I had a great time talking with you and I'll touch base again in ________ okay?" or "Okay ______, did you have any questions you wanted to ask me while I here with you?" this way you find out what they really mean by "No"

Palm Connector

Reach out your palm (just do it!) face down towards the floor. Now pull it towards you. This movement is all about you. Palm down movements in your business are when you do things that are motivated around you. Selling a customer something just to meet a quota would be a palm down approach. Putting your benefit before the person you are contacting. Focusing on your needs instead of theirs. These are all Palm Down.

Now, reach out your hand again (come on - do it! trust me!) Now pull this towards you. This movement is all about the person in front of you. It says "How can I help you?" The Palm up approach let's people put their needs into your hands. It gives you a chance to put their needs before yours. If you approach people palm up, you approach them with "What can I do to help you today?"

When Grace had us do this, I actually "felt" different - the palm up felt so much better than the palm down. She said to ask yourself each day "am I palm up?"

3. Vision of what we Want

Grace walked us through an amazing 4 step process she went through herself to get a clear vision of what she wanted and I'll share that with you. It is important when setting goals to create clarity. Goals should be measurable and specific. For example here's a goal:
~ I will sign up 2 consultants
now let's make that a bit more specific
~ I will sign up 2 consultants in October
...let's keep going
~ I will sign up 2 outgoing, self motivated consultants in October
....and further
~ I will sign up 2 outgoing, self motivated fun women as consultants by October 21st at midnight.

Do you see how different the last statement is from the first? When you set measureable and specific goals you know exactly what you're looking for and in what time frame you have to accomplish it. A statement Grace used that I really liked here was: *Vague Goals = Vague Results*

5. I am in the Process of...

Grace mentioned how important it is to start you day off right and I agree. I can't remember who she got this from...but...take the first 30 minutes of your day and use it to make sure you get a good start!
The statement "I am in the process of...." is very powerful. Try saying:
"I am in the process of having a fantastic day"
"I am in the process of making a difference today"
make up your own daily "I am in the process of..." affirmation. Get your kids involved. Ask them "What are you in the process of today?" Have them say "I am in the process of making an A on test today" or "I am in the process of making a new friend today".
I will be adding this affirmation to my rountine from now on!

6. Struggling to get sales?

We are in the business of serving others! We are so very lucky to be a part of something as wonderful as direct sales and network marketing! Really! I mean come on! We get paid to socialize, to meet new people, make new friends, improve the lives of others and of the world around us! I get so excited when I think about the opportunity that was given to me. Grace reminded us of that last night. She told us how someone once told her she was being selfish by not doing speaking engagements! By NOT sharing what she has been given.
We are the same. We have been given a tremendous opportunity to improve our lives, to help others and to share what we have. And it is truly selfish of us to keep it to ourselves!
All those things I've discussed up to now come into play here. Are you positive and happy? Are you approaching people palm up? People like doing business with people that are positive and make them feel good. We are not the priority in this business - "they" are! All those people waiting to be given the same opportunity that you were.
Those people are the priority. They have had long days, their voice mail is filled with people wanting things from them, their to do lists are staring them in the face. You have the opportunity to be the one person that day that contacts them to actually *help* them out, to offer them a solution, to be a welcoming voice on the other end of the phone.
Think of how you would feel if you got home from work - listened to your voicemail: Bill collector, bill collector, solicitor, kids needing a ride from the movies, etc. Then the next call you answer is a telemarketer, then you get a call from a Daisy Blue Rep and she says in a friendly voice, "Hi Sally, it's Sue, I was just thinking about you and thought I'd call to check in and see how you are doing? How was your day today?"
How would that feel? Someone who cares about *you* and how *you* are doing, wondering if *you* need anything? Nice, huh?"
Remember also - because we exist, she doesn't have to 'remember' when she's running out of something. We call to check in so that she has one less thing to worry about. "I want to make sure you have everything you need."
Our customers are the prioity. We get paid to make their lives easier. How wonderful is that? Why wouldn't they want to hear from you?

Make the calls! Do the follow up! here's some statistics that grace shared with us:

48% of Direct Sellers never follow up
25% make the second call
12% make the third call
10% make more than three calls

now check this out:

2% of sales are made on first contact
3% of sales are made on second contact
4% of sales are made on third contact
10% of sales are made on fourth contact
80% of sales are made on 5th - 12th contact!!!

Remember how I started this blog? No has 3 meanings....keep contacting your community!
Call back your leads. Make those re-order calls. Keep in touch with your people!

Motion makes Motivation Materialize!

6. Quality Cards

Grace talked about "collecting" business cards when you hand out business cards. That way she doesn't have to wait for people to contact her - she can take that first step in the relationship herself. I think this is an awesome idea! She added this incredible yet easy to do step:
write on the back of the card something that stood out about this person! Something that you can reference when contacting them. For Ex: Hi Sally Sue, This is Kim, we met at King Soopers the other day. I have to tell you, your smile was so engaging, it was such a pleasure to meet you!
-if you are leaving this on a voicemail - finish up with a call to action like: I really hope we get the chance to speak again, you seem like someone I would really like to get to know better!
**Very important*** These statements should be TRUE!!!

I hope this article helped you as much as the conference call helped me! Please share any "A-Ha's" you had by leaving a comment on this post! Feedback and sharing feels good and helps others - especially me! If I know what you like or what helps you most - I can focus more on those points if future blog posts!

have a fabulous day!

This Just In....

New Start Up Kit Option For Hostesses!

Every hostess who hosts a $300 or more Daisy Blue Naturals Experience between September 15-October 15th is eligible to receive a special "Hostess Only" Start Up Kit!

For $99, this kit contains $400 worth of products and supplies she'll need to begin her own successful Daisy Blue Naturals business.

It includes:
Consultant Mineral Makeup Kit (Full size all 4 foundations, Setting Powder, miniature Kabuki brush)
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Orange & Chamomile Basic Collection
Rejuvenate Cream w/Chardonnay
Lip Blush
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Daisy Blue Live

I am so completely jealous of this opportunity...i must be honest here...I am turning green...this is such an amazing opportunity! I don't even have 4 full size foundations or 2000 points towards the cruise!!!

But of course - there's more!

New consultants also get: $35 in extra product when they purchase the $99 kit this month! Buy your kit today and receive:

Shea Butter healing Balm
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Ohhhhhh yessss - there IS more:

Check out the Christmas in September post for more Consultant Rewards!

Have I mentioned how rewarding it is to be a Daisy Blue Naturals Consultant????

i LOVE my Job!!! Do You?